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Weather Underground PWS KMITRAVE23




 Temperature 15.2°F
 Humidity 72%
 Dew point 7.8°F
 Wind W at 1.0 mph
 Barometer 30.221 in
 Today's Rain 0.00 in
 Yearly Rain 1.13 in
 Wind Chill 15.2°F
 THW Index 14.9°F
 Heat Index 14.9°F

Highs and Lows

 High Temperature

 Low Temperature

18.3°F at 1:55p

11.1°F at 12:00a

 High Humidity

 Low Humidity

91% at 9:16a

67% at 2:22p

 High Dew point

 Low Dew point

14.0°F at 1:53p

7.0°F at 2:13a

 High Wind Speed 12.0 mph at 5:43a
 Low Wind Chill 3.0°F at 1:56a
 High Heat Index 18.0°F at 12:24p

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